Bobcats Hockey Club

Ballarat, Victoria
est. 2014


Bobcats Hockey Club competes in the senior and junior sections of the local Ballarat competition.

We aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and physical abilities to participate in the sport of hockey. Our club is built on the following principles:

Our club is a community
Hockey should be enjoyable for everyone
Our club is a safe social environment

The club was established in 2014 with the merger of the ACU Iguanas women’s and the Ballarat Oldcats men’s teams. In 2016, we added junior programs and now have Under 11, Under 14 and Under 16 age groups. In 2021, our goal is to have one senior women’s team, two senior men’s teams and Under 11, 14 and 16 teams.

As well as playing in the local competition, a large proportion of our players also play at a higher level for Westvic, for the Southwest Eagles, and representing Ballarat at Country Week.

Whether you’re an experienced hockey player or completely new to the game, there’s a place for you with the Bobcats.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Ballarat Hockey Centre in 2021!